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The Little Pieniny Mountains

The Little Pieniny Mountains

       The "Małe Pieniny" is an outstandingly beautiful area in the south of Poland, with mountains higher than the ones in the Pieniny Właściwe, with which this range borders to the west. To the east the Małe Pieniny border with the Radziejowa range of the Beskid Sądecki and between the two ranges runs a valley cut into two by the Grajcarek stream, on the banks of which lie the villages of Szczawnica, Szlachtowa and Jaworki. The last of these three villages is famous for the beautiful Homole Gorge with high rock walls, which climbs up towards the highest peak of the Małe Pieniny – Wysoka (1050m.), lying in the eastern part of the range. The western part rolls down softly towards the Dunajec valley, which - contrasted with the Pieniny Właściwe Mountains - produces an illusion of “smallness” – hence the name “małe,” which means “small” in Polish.

The Małe Pieniny Mountains is a picturesque area in the south of Poland. Trekking on the broad alpine tundras you will have a chance to admire the amazing panorama of the Tatra and Beskid Sądecki Mountains. What eases the effort put into getting to the main route is the chairlift to Palenica (722m.), from where we will set off.


Day 1: Krakow-Szczawnica transport, going on the chairlift to Palenica, walking up the route through Szafranówka and Wysoki Wierch to the mountain hostel at the feet of Durbaszka, in which we will have a hot meal, take part in a bonfire party with sausages and spend the night.

Day 2: Breakfast in the hostel, walking up the route: the hostel – Durbaszka – Wysoka (weather conditions allowing) – the Homole Gorge – Jaworki, some time off for lunch in Szczawnica, transfer to Grywałd, a tour of a late-Gothic wooden church from the 15th century, return to Krakow.


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