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     If you are planing Krakow only a fleeting visit, we have prepared a special offer for you, which includes all the absolute must-sees. The majority of the important and most beautiful monuments of Krakow can be found in the Old Town city center and it only takes a few hours tour to visit all of them. Kraków is a place to be discovered and rediscovered again and again. Real culture fan could spend here a week or more and find "new" beauty spots every day.

     This is the essence of Kraków - every visit and every walk in this old capital of Poland will surprise you with its charm and unique atmosphere. Let us take you on a tour of all the most beautiful places Krakow has to offer, even if you do not have too much time to spend on sightseeing. If you do have a bit more time, however, after our short walk you can enjoy a drive around Krakow and see places such as Kazimierz, Blonia, the Lagiewniki Sanctuary, or Nowa Huta.


Upon request, we can also organize a gondola or boat cruise on the Vistula river.

The itinerary of the tour is flexible and can be adapted depending on how much time you want to spend on sightseeing.

Price: negotiated individually and depends on the length of the tour and the number of people.

Price includes: guide service, a drive around Krakow.


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